Thursday, 15 November 2012

Let the travelling commence!

The most exciting thing though to happen to me this weekend! I BOOKED ASIA. I am fulfilling my dream at 18 years old.
Today Olivia and I booked our Stray Bus tour around South-East Asia! It just feels so surreal. I can’t believe it’s actually happening! Over two months of backpacking around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnammmm. I’ve spoke of doing this for the longest time ever, now I’m 18 and I can! It all started when in mid-summer, Olivia and I sat in her bedroom, idly talking of how much we wanted to go travelling and how the place we want to visit most is Asia, then it kind of stemmed from there, a idealistic conversation of - Why don’t we? Till we realised, we actually could.. 
And now… Now it’s booked and I’ve never been more excited or frightened by such a concept in my life! 
I just can’t wait to experience the culture, have fun and take it all in. There are so many historical places I want to visit. So many things I want to do, so many things I want to see.
The tour we booked is shown below, it’s 18 days minimum, we’re also getting off in Cambodia and sorting out our own buses across to Vietnam. We also bought another pass to take us from Bangkok to Koh Phangan to the notorious and renowned Full Moon Party. That’s how we’re kicking off the holidays, the 3rd night there. WOOO. The island’s population triples on full moon nights and it is supposed to be the craziest party ever. It’ll be good as we won’t be jetlagged badly, when it is midnight in England, it will be around 8am there. So we can party all night and sleep it off on the beach all day. It’ll be a nice break from end of exams before we start the proper adventure. 
It is soooo much money at this age, but it’ll totally be worth it, I know it. We now need to sort out things like insurance, visas, medical bills etc!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Athens (13th - 16th)

I will write about this place one day soon when I get time! It's from when I turned 18.