Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Arrival in Koh Tao.

A week has past far too quickly for my liking! After a gruelling boat journey we made it to our final island, Koh Tao. I never believed in love at first site but I’ve fallen in love with this guy from the boat. He was beautiful. He had the most piercing blue eyes with gorgeous dark brown hair. My favorite. Great dress sense too.

We are staying in our first hostel, spicy tao. It's a complete dive but everywhere else was full, the room is tiny hot and cramped but the place has a lot of character. There is a cute communal area with lots of hammocks you can rent to sleep on (if you want to be eaten alive) and even a large flat screen TV, a luxury I have somewhat missed. Even though I don’t like James Bond, I miss films so am watching it with some others anyway. The english guys that own this place are lovely, not to mention gorgeously yum.
I’ve just been looking into plane tickets because we're doing so much travelling anyway, a 32 hour bus from Laos to Vietnam sounds like hell. 
We ended up watching oceans eleven too. I was slowly going crazy though because were in a jungle area near loads of mountains and towering palm trees it meant the amount of bugs was crazy! They kept eating me but I wacked on the bug repellent and it seemed to work.
Everyones really friendly so they invited us out for dinner and about 15 of us went. It was cute, and the restaurant was great, there were beanbags and it was on the beach. I had my first decent burger woohoo, but it did have onions in it which I hate. Best yet though by far. We all sat round and chatted for 2 hours, got to know everyone. This guy from UCL was funny, as were the diving boys, reminded me of back home. We want to go scuba diving tomorrow but £40 is too much, so instead we’re going to shark bay with a load of the people from our hotel to do some snorkelling instead. I can’t wait to go for a swim.
They then invited us out and we went to super busy beach bar called lotus where we bumped into loads from our old hotel. Including all the other boys :). We ended up staying with them most of the night and danced to the great music, got a bucket that tasted like cough syrup so stuck to the usual sex on the beach. Its weird because the cocktails out here are so strong it’ll be weird going back to like water in England. They hit you really quickly too.
George showing us his ‘Suffolk Dance’ at Lotus Bar.
The guys tried doing a lantern but couldn’t set it off as it would go into a house. We ended up walking home but we got so lost and it was so creepy. Just Olivia and I up walking up a huge hill to nowhere with no street lighting. Eventually we found the place after we backtracked for ages. I was sweating so much it was unbearable.
At this rate, I never want to stay in a hostel again, a cat kept coming in the room being so noisy then there was confusion over the beds, it was driving me crazy!

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