Saturday, 29 June 2013

Beauty in Ayutthaya.

As a History student, today was the most spectacular day. We met the StrayAsia team for the first time. On the whole, the group is lovely. Between you and me, there's two individuals that are rather annoying, but I'll just stay out of their way. We can hop on-and-off whenever we like so we don't have to stay around.
We went to Ayutthaya today, it was the old capital of Thailand before Burmese came, invaded and burnt down a load of their buildings, destroying the city and thus forcing them to move it to Bangkok. It was beautiful though and the temples were just astounding. All 14 of us had lunch together then we got a boat tour to 3 of the temples for 4 pounds. It was a really nice day but I was kind of upset that there were no plaques telling you historical information about the past of the buildings as you had no idea what you were looking at! Other than the obvious fact it was once the peak of civilisation. The last temple was the best and I fell in love with it. I felt like I was in Indiana Jones and Olivia felt like she was on temple run haha. It was great how empty the historical sites were too. It made them far more beautiful.
Afterwards, Taylor (a cute American guy), a Korean guy who I forget his name, and I, all went on a hunt for some white spirit to consume on the train to avoid costly prices. It took us ages but eventually we found some! Wooohooo. The train to Chiang Mai was so cool, I’ve never been on anything like it. We all had our own beds that were shielded from others but turned easily into normal seats after we’d gone. It was a strange experience. There was a party section of the train which we went to a drank a bit. Taylor and I just chatted for a few hours, it was fab, but nowhere to sit, so eventually I went back to my bed, and rolled around for a bit. It was so cold I kept constantly waking up! But the soft lulling of the train with its steady hum eventually sent me to sleep, best I could on transport anyway. I was bitten quite a bit and it really fucking hurt!
I’d give the train itself an 8 out of 10 for comfortableness given the price! Wish we could travel like that everywhere!
Huge Buddah statue! 

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