Saturday, 22 June 2013

Drama at the waterfall party.

We finally decided to take a stroll into a more built up area to find an ATM. I ended up getting so angry as I couldn’t withdraw any money. I rung Barclays up to explain the problem, when I had gone into the centre they told me I'd have no troubles using it these days due to new technology. What rubbish that was! It cost me around 25 pounds in credit and it still wasn’t even solved! I actually wanted to cry I was so pissed off. That was more money then what I wanted to withdraw and they kept asking me the same questions again and again. YES I AM SCARLETT MANSFIELD NOW GIVE ME MY MONEY! Luckily Olivia had a cash card so she withdrew for the both of us. My dad managed to get the problem solved in the end.
The walk there was supposed to be 15 minutes, but it took more like 30, in the heat it makes a huge difference. It was boiling and I was getting stressed and fed up that nothing was going my way today. I bought some jam and bread to cheer myself up and we went for lunch, but I was so hot and feeling ill that I couldn’t eat it.
It’s not as cheap in this area as I expected. It still cost me £4 for a burger and chips, but local food is cheap. The burger I had this evening was revolting and I almost vomited because it looked like fried dogs poop! - Yuck.
We’re not sure yet where we’re going to go tonight. There is a jungle rave on, or the Paradise Bungalow pool party, but the pool party is apparently vile despite being an amazing time. The boys were telling us about how there are used condoms all in the pool and you’re just swimming whilst people are having sex around you… It sounds interesting to say the least. They referred to it as an STI trap haha.
So… we’ll see where the night takes us! xx
It was a great night but also awful resulting in tears and shouting. Before we went out we pre drank at the hotel, the guys drank 75 bottles of beer between them, it was impressive. But not so impressive when they then drove straight into a ditch the second they got on their moped hahaha.
We got a lift in the back of an open top truck, as seen with the photos of Dixon and Olivia. It felt so very perks of being a wallflower. Liv just stood up had the wind blowing through her hair and we were all just laughing, watching the lights above us flash by in a blur in boiling hot weather on our way to the jungle for a rave. It was so surreal.
We didn’t want to pay entry so ended up sneaking in through the side. It was hilarious because we were just trying to avoid security and Liv ran into barbed wire then we all ventured through a swamp and got our feet soaked. However, Bucky properly tripped into it like a fish I laughed so hard. We all ended up being rather dirty but having saved a few pennies and had a hilarious time doing so, it was nothing that my bottle of sprite and white spirit couldn’t solve.
When inside it was mental, 10 x better than the night before. It was so crowded like 2000 people or more, but that’s where the night went wrong. I lost liv and she had all the money! I spent ages trying to find her and started panicking I couldn’t get home. I had three options really. Beg someone for taxi money, go back to a guys hotel and hope they don’t try any sexual advance, or walk home in a foreign place where I don't know the route and risk being attacked. Thankfully I came across the nicest girl ever, Rachael, and she paid for my taxi home because she was so worried about me. We left at 5:30am and I was so angry at liv when we got home because she knew I couldn't get home but had left without me. In her defence, she was hoping I would be back at the hotel already.
At least its a lesson learnt for the full moon party. I also still had a great night though as I hung out with a load of irish, Canadians and americans and we all sat round drinking buckets they bought me and getting to know one another. I hope I see them tomorrow!

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