Friday, 21 June 2013

First impressions of Ko Pha-ngan & the Waterfall Party.

It took us what feels like a lifetime, but we have finally made it! I could hardly sleep a wink on the overnight bus, I kept drifting in and out. It was particularly frustrating because Olivia was zonko next to me! At 2am we made a little stop at a cute market place and continued driving till 5am where we got off and waited for a boat to arrive due at 7am. We just hung out with this lovely married couple from New Zealand, they were so pleasant to us and cute together. My tablet ran out of power and so he let me charge it with a nifty device he bought in Bangkok. 
Dock place we waited at.
The boat made us feel slightly sick as it began chucking it down with rain. It does that a lot here but it clears up quickly and the sun returns. The first island we arrived at was absolutely gorgeous I felt like we had come to paradise. We eventually got to our destination, Ko Pha-ngan at 10:30 and got a taxi to our hotel, Green Peace. It is so weird because the second person we met on the island was Jack Harry, a boy from the year above at our sixth form, who just happened to be at our bungalow area visiting his friends. Super strange. We went to our room immediately stripped off and hit the private beach to sunbath. It was unbearably hot so I took a refreshing ice cold shower whilst Olivia continued to soak up the rays.
Afterwards we went for a few drinks and lunch and met others from England staying here, we are always the youngest but I don't mind this. I attempted to expand my eating habits starting out with a bowl of rice, however it was too plain and so I added ketchup... Ketchup and rice do not go together well therefore I didn't end up eating either haha.
When evening rolled round we decided to go to the waterfall party in the jungle and so got some drinks. We paid 3 pounds for a bottle of vodka, I say vodka, the label has white spirit on it, rather concerning! If I go blind… You know why. Whoops. I'm glad there's so many 7/11's in Thailand though, they're so convenient. 
Anyway, we didn’t drink much because we wanted to see what the atmosphere at these types of places was like first! It was really cool though when we got there. We got a lift from our hotel owner for a cheap price but we had to walk down a really long path to get to the actual site because it was quite far into the jungle. It reminded me of a rave I went to in London but obviously 10x cooler because it wasn’t an abandoned warehouse, it was a jungle and it was Thailand! There were flashing lights with lots of neon UV colours glowing.
I made the right choice in decided to wear a neon dress as I was so easy to spot haha. We met loads of really nice people, it’s great because everyones so friendly but conversations are repetitive. It is always ‘Where are you going? How long have you been here? Where’s been your favorite place?’ etc. Some Irish guys were hilarious and wouldn’t leave us alone. They were a bit creepy too though but charming and come on - who doesn’t love an Irish accent? Here is a ‘TMI’ for you, but Liv and I went to pee in a bush side by side, and it was on a hill and yeah… you get the picture. We laughed so much I almost cried.

We didn’t stay that long, we left about 2am as we were still tired from travelling. We went back with Adam Dixon as he was going to sleep on a hammock, but got into a fight with the hotel owner as he hadn’t actually paid, he just couldn’t afford the taxi back to his place, despite the fact he had booked his own hotel haha. Too much alcohol I say!
But overall yeah, it was a great night. It was a shame there was no actual waterfall! There were about 7 CRGS students which was really weird and we made friends with these 2 girls from Chelmsford at our hotel bar and played cards with them before we drank which was nice :).
Anyway, over and out! xx
P.s. I now have my foot bandaged up because when I was sober but in the dark, I jumped off a palm tree and landed on a stone therefore I now need something softer other than a sock to soften the pain when I walk lol. I’m a total tit.

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