Friday, 28 June 2013

Never-ending whir of transport.

We left at 1pm and I annoyingly left my hoody behind at the hostel and didn’t want to spend the money going back to get it. The day was just filled with travelling, I finished another book on the boat and then we got on a bus and arrive in bangkok 1am. It was very boring and as usual, I couldn’t sleep at all. I just wanted to cry and curl up because originally we weren’t planning on getting a hotel as our next part of the journey left at 8am.
However, when we got to Bangkok, in all its noisy confusion, we decided to get a hotel. We ended up getting single beds and AC as it was the only room available but, at £4, it was still cheaper than buying a McDonalds and staying up all night.

Saying goodbye to our good friends at Spicy Tao.

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