Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ah! Excitement - Not long left now.

It’s a scary thought that in 2 weeks from tomorrow, I’ll be on Vietnam airways off to Bangkok! At the moment, I won’t lie, I’m slightly petrified but I’m beyond excited for what lies ahead.
We start off at Koh Phangan for the full-moon party, and just a general relaxation for 5 days on the beach. It’s the only accommodation we’ve booked so far and it was a tasty £30 for 5 nights! The full-moon party is supposed to be one of the most craziest parties in the world, the population of the island triples to 60,000 on the night of the event and people come from all over the world to celebrate well… being young and alive!
The first 2 days of landing will be a nightmare though, I’m not looking forward to it at all. We leave Wednesday and after a 15 hours flight (with a stop in Ho Chi Minh City), we arrive in Bangkok at 10am local time on Thursday, we then have to hang around and explore the city till 8pm when we get on an over-night bus and arrive on the island at 9am the Friday. I’m not sure how my back will take it – I have constant problems with it from a snowboarding accident and it hurts to sit up straight!
I’ll admit, the first week won’t be all that cultural, in fact, I can just foresee a lot of partying, but we’re leaving the historical sites in Bangkok till the end of our trip when we fly home.
SIFUGDIFGFHB. It’s come around so quickly.
It seems like only last week Olivia and I were sat there on AS results day waiting for school to open whilst sitting in McDonalds discussing our passion for travelling and our desire to visit Asia. Then, just like that, we realised, why wait? Why not grab the chance whilst we’re still young and do not have university fees or living costs to worry about. And there we have it… We booked our flights in mid-October and booked the Stray Asia bus pass soon after.
It seems surreal. Sure, it’s cost me an arm and a leg, and I could have bought a beautiful car with the money or helped towards university costs, but mum has helped me towards the costs and Olivia and I both received £200 each from the wonderful Derek Wyatt after winning a travel grant from the school we attend. The rest of the money I’ve worked hard for. I made about £1500 myself, and £1500 was a combination of birthday and christmas money and funding from my mother and Derek.

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