Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Am I Enlightened yet?

We were woken at 5am by the sound of the gong, it was an extremely tiring process! But morning meditation was the best of the day since it only time I could partially concentrate. After an hour, we then went outside and did some simple exercises and some outdoors meditation whilst the sun rose. It was so peaceful. The most hilarious thing happened though… This pretty girl in front of us hadn’t tied her trousers up right. They’re huge so don’t stay up otherwise… but yeah, so all we could see was her red lacy thong and despite the silence rule I couldn’t help but laugh.
After a quick break, we had to offer alms to the buddha, where you get rice and all put in one large bowl before him and chant. Strange. Then we went for breakfast, it was just toast, woohoo! Nothing crazy :). We had to chant before hand though again to say thank-you for the food and say that we wouldn’t eat it in a gluttonous manner. Also throughout the day we had to chant to spread ‘peace love and kindness to all living beings’ and bow down before the buddha.
We then did more meditation, had a break, more meditation, then a group chat. The group chat was very peculiar as it seemed more like group therapy yet was also the cheesiest thing ever. The monk asked us to explain our philosophies on life and the responses made me chuckle. This american lady was like ‘I just believe in love, love to all people, share love and receive love’, whilst others were like ‘don’t worry, be happy’. It was so cringey. Some people were so deep and moving, but also totally lame at the same time. I set my philosophy as the truth… Just because I’ve learnt how much lies hurt recently, so I’m going to try being more truthful. Also to live in the moment and stop dwelling on what I can’t change. 
After that, we did more meditation, it was personal time for an hour, so I did lying meditation and literally just fell asleep, awoken by the gong signifying the end. Whoops! Then finally were allowed to leave! Woohoo. I would never do it again, I found it so boring, but it was an experience, something I’ve never done before. I am far too impatient for these things, I like to be up, moving and chatting!
We got onto a tuk tuk to the bus station and it was the worst choice ever. Traffic was unreal, it took us an hour and a half and we only made it with 10 minutes to spare! I was so fed up and angry, but we did make it, woooo.
The 3 hour bus to Pai was totally worth it. We were in a minivan snaking up a never ending mountain and the view just took my breath away. The sun was slowly setting as we ascended our journey, and there was a thin fog that haunted the mountains creating the most majestic and beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. I actually can’t explain the beauty of this place. A forest engulfed the mountain, clinging to its steep verges. I wanted to take a picture but I know it’ll never do it justice. I can’t get over it, I really can’t. God I sound lame.
When we arrived in Pai we didn’t have a clue where to go. We wandered around for a bit and checked out some really seedy hotels before deciding to venture onwards. We ended up finding the cutest little hotel, only 150 baht each a night. That’s £3! Its far nicer than all our other rooms so far and the cheapest, right in the center, woohoo. It's a shame were only in this hotel for a night but we're going to Spicy Pai tomorrow to make more friends, else we get awfully lonely and home sick. Its sad though making friends and leaving them a few days later.

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