Saturday, 6 July 2013

Big's Little Cafe.

This morning we walked into Pai to try booking a sightseeing tour around the area but everywhere wanted like £30 each but we finally found the cutest guy ever charging £12 each to be our taxi from 8:30 to 3:30pm, take us from like the hot springs to the ww2 memorial bridge etc. We also booked our £3 for 4 hour bus ride back to Chiang Mai in the evening. We leave for a two day trip to Laos on Tuesday, but want to sight see and go for a night out in Chiang Mai.
We went to the best place I’ve ever been in my life for food this morning. We decided we could probably write an entire post on how fab it was but I’ll spare you the pain. The best sausage baguette ever. It was so filling I was dying. All of it was handmade and a cute Thai lady cooked it in front of us, bless her. Two people from our hostel showed up too and one ordered a large hash brown meal and we actually cried with laughter at how huge it was. The lady made it herself and used two whole potatoes, I just can’t get over the size of it hahaha. We left a large tip bc it was fab.
This picture doesn’t do it justice, the plates were huge
 and the hash brown was about 2cm thick!
It was hilarious too because of the girls we knew from our mediation retreat from the Netherlands asked if hash browns has hash in them hahahaha. She had no idea what they were, it was cute. 
After we walked to the pool, £1.20 entry, best decision ever. I was roasting! It was sooooo hot I was dying. We sunbathed for a while, they had some calming Beatles playing in the background (the band not the bugs…) but then the rain clouds started to creep over and we made it back just in time to miss the storm.
Mucked around for the afternoon, met some of the new spicy folks including three gorgeous Canadian guys I wanted to marry. One took me on his bike to the 7/11 and we did the alcohol run for everyone. When we got back a large group of us played drinking games, I’ve learnt quite a lot of new funny ones, ghecko sounding the funniest.
Idk the name of what we played. There was a pyramid of cards in the middle facedown and everyone was given three cards, when they turned over the card if you had the same number you had to lay it down. Person with most cards left had to ‘ride the bus’, and get totally fucked. You have nine cards in a diamond shape face down and they had to pick a card from each row, if it was a j, q, k or a they had to restart at the bottom with new cards laid on top, and drink between one or four fingers depending what card until you finish the bus, aka every level.
They always play this game called a and b too which is kind of like blind truth or dare. After a game of never have I ever, I moved to another group but don’t remember what happened after that. Liv thought I went to bed at 11:30 but I still had photos I took at midnight so god knows what went on!!

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