Friday, 5 July 2013

Burger Queen & BBQ's.

We didn’t do a lot today just chilled around the hostel, spoke to a lot of people and got creeped out by Jonathan we met in Koh Tao! He is this crazy massage guy who practises a technique called 'bars', it made Olivia feel really funny, and he told her loads of strange stuff about it. He gets paid a ridiculous amount an hour to do ti though! 
Today we upgraded to a bungalow for an extra pound meaning we enjoy hostel atmosphere but can spread out are belongings and avoid the noisy frogs. The bungalow is pretty shitty though, so dingey and lots of bugs, but it does the job, who cares.
We ordered a burger queen, yes a rip off of burger king, and it took over two hours to arrive because apparently they don’t deliver in the rain. WHAT. What delivery service is this. Its wet season! We were getting so moody and hungry haha. The weather here is just super sunny, 37 degrees to be exact, till 3pm, then it chucks it down really heavily with a storm for an hour. Booo.
But yeah, in the evening walked into town with two girls, met the others, went to a free bbq, chatted, and Alex gave me a lift back on his bike which was nice. We just chatted for a while when we returned, it was a far more tame night but still nice. Spoke to Jess and Oliver for a while, both interesting and unexpected people. She’s definitely not your typical Cambridge type and he was not the sort of person I expected to be reading a book on philosophy, love and watching every documentary going whilst having a degree in graphic design and planning his tattoo he is getting tomorrow in Pai. Just shows you can't be too quick to judge people!

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