Saturday, 27 July 2013


I was awoken at 7am by a girls alarm clock who decided she needed to do her morning yoga and meditation. Who books a hostel and gets up at that time, let alone carry around a yoga mat with you? It was the weirdest thing ever, but hell, she was so flexible it was creepy.
Anyway, by 8am, we decided to get out of bed and go get the amazing free breakfast here then head to the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and museum. I love taxis out here, they’re just so cheap. I’m going to have a heart attack getting taxis back home I swear. It’s going to kill me paying 30 pounds for a taxi from Colchester to Capel. 
It’s strange what a vast area of land they’ve devoted to Ho Chi Minh in such a busy city, it was just a weird place in general. Of course, the North love their communism so it makes sense really. The museum we went in was a bit boring, only photographs with captions, but it cost less than a pound to get in so we were not phased by this. 
Site of his Mausoleum. 
Afterwards, we attempted to go into the mausoleum, but, just our luck, it was closed for cleaning that day! We therefore then strolled through the humidity to Lenin park which just possessed a large statue of Lenin, again, another sign of their devotion to 'communism'. Some Vietnamese guy came over and started chatting to us for ages about how hard it is for the poor to stop being poor, and how due to Communism, the rich just keep getting richer. Weird, because it defeats the point of communism, but it was just really sad listening to his story.
Eventually we got a taxi to pizza hut and I ate so much it was fabulous. We went to the super market after and were just stared at by their 10 million security guards, very uncomfortable situation. I also find crazy that a pack of cigarettes out here is 10p more expensive than a mars bar… so it’s 80p. What. Crazy.
We’re now back at the hostel but we leave tonight at 5:30pm and arrive at 7am in Hue on an overnight bus. God I love travelling. Bus after bus after bus. But on the plus side, new city after new city, with new people, new stories and new adventures. Roll on the rest of Vietnam!!

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