Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Farewell Caitlin, our good friend.

It’s been a month, 5 weeks left to go. I don’t want them to pass. I don’t want to come home ever. Now the home sickness has left me, I just want to stay here forever. 5 weeks is never going to be enough to see and do everything I would love to do. Nor do I have the money to do so.
This morning was so hilarious. Olivia woke up in this Brazilian guys room because she didn’t know the name of our hotel, but she thought I was next to her, so was shocked when she rolled over to see him. They literally just slept though because she crashed out right away. When she came back, Jonas and I were still asleep, but she woke us up, and then asked to come cuddle haha, so she laid in the middle of us and we cuddled her. A totally weird and surreal moment, but this holiday is just one surreal moment after the next! 
Next, Caitlin returned, turned out she stayed in the tour leaders room, just as we had suspected. He was so funny, he came in with 2 maps of this town, and her underwear and was like ‘I have a map for you… er… just a map, nothing else’ and put the underwear underneath it. We giggled lots. 
After she had packed, Olivia and I were very sad to have to say goodbye, Olivia actually teared up. She was just so perfect and we loved her so much, it felt like we were losing a best friend! We’ll miss her so much.
All day we did nothing but sleep and eat, tonight we called it a quiet one and I’m just in an internet cafe whilst olivia sleeps in her ill state. I might go to the bakery soon, I’ve seen the best cakes ever, I just have to get one! 
Latersss xxx
**Update 1am**
I was very disappointed by the cakes I got from the bakery! I went and sat on the computer for ages this evening instead because it was just absolutely chucking it down for hours and hours, the ground began to flood. 

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