Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hanoi Women's Museum

This morning we managed to get up in time for the free breakfast - scrambled eggs and a baguette, yummmmmyyyyy. We then decided to take a walk to the cathedral just down the road, it was nice but unfortunately shut. We were going to walk to the women’s museum because we love walking around Hanoi, it’s definitely the best way to see it and it’s pretty easy to do with a map but it was literally so humid we couldn’t handle it. It was really overcast, but walking was just killing us in the heat. Far worse than yesterday.
Instead, we got a taxi to the women’s museum. It was definitely worth the 30p entrance we paid. The bottom floor had a video on street vendors in Vietnam and it was so sad, at one point I was actually welling up I felt so sorry for them. It was on about how they make so little money, like 10 USD a week, and have to leave behind their families to try selling anything they can to make enough to feed their families, then return with the money once a month.
One floor was about marriage and birth, there were some really hilarious signs that we laughed our heads off at. Who comes up with these crazy rituals? We then went and looked at female fashion, had some hilarious ‘hole in the wall’ picture face things and tried rice turning in the rice section. The upper floors were a bit boring so we ended up skipping a few.
The Cathedral. 

Afterwards, we walked round for ages getting lost in the rain trying to find a cafe and the Museum of Revolution. We found the Vietnam history museum but everyone said was really boring so we couldn’t be bothered to go there. Eventually we were really fed up and just tired and too hot so decided to get a taxi back to the hostel, crash for a while, made some new friends and joined the pub quiz.
I nailed the pub quiz, definitely. Hehe. It was a lot of fun because they were actually questions that were answerable! Not ridiculous ones like those you’d find on a grammar school quiz. I won our team 2 free rounds of shots. One was on what the largest island in the world is, and the other on what the symbol of Hanoi backpackers is.. Everyone wrote bull, but I guess buffalo. Woohoo. Also a question on JFK’s assassination came up and I’ve been reading a book on how conspiracy theories shape modern history so I was so up on that knowledge haha. But no, I had quite a few drinks and just got merry, then went out with a girl to get chips after. It was a good laugh and just a good night in general :).

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