Monday, 29 July 2013

Hội An, party central.

After a very hungover 4 hour bus journey to Hội An, we found the popular sunflower hostel and slept for the afternoon. The name Hội An actually translates to 'peaceful meeting place', so lets hope its good fun! Eventually we rolled out of bed, got ready and went downstairs to meet some others. The hostel is very expensive at $10 a night and nowhere near as nice as some of the other places we’ve stayed in, but the social aspect to it is what makes it worth the money. Everyone goes there, and it’s a great place to socialise.
Four of the guys in our eight man room remind us of the inbetweeners/ grammar ‘lads’, they had matching tailor made shirts done with the most outlandish patterns and mismatching colours. Gary, who I actually met in Hanoi, I’ve nicknamed Jay because he’s always on about sex and the stories sound like bullshit haha. But then there’s simon, the nice guy with the girlfriend who is tamer than the others, and the other two well… they’re just strange. One smells really good though… Guys, note - get clinque happiness, that spray smells good! 
Callum and I decided to go down to the shops to buy a bottle of vodka to get the party started, it was 2 pounds for a large bottle but we split it between us and did shots/ drunk it with everyone whilst Olivia went to the nightclub volcano. Eventually, we caught up and also got to volcano. Looking back, it’s kind of like a cheesy year 6 disco but I can’t quite pinpoint why. I met two really nice brothers travelling together, and the rest of the night was spent dancing.
The night turned for the worse when Olivia decided to get ridiculously drunk. I can’t blame her though as we paid just under 3 pounds for all you can drink, but she wasn’t too sensible about it. She ended up slipping over and smacking her head, whilst another girl landed on top of her. Some girl started giving her mouth to mouth for reasons unknown to myself and I found Harry to help me and we took her outside. But classic stubborn drunken Olivia refused to come home, insisted she was fine, and stormed back into the club for more drinks. By this point I was just pissed off at her so decided to go home.
I couldn’t afford a taxi, so another guy paid for one to come back with me. I let him come to my room but made it clear I didn’t want anything, he said that was fine as he had a girlfriend… He didn’t stick to his word and attempted to get with me, so I got really angry and just ran out of the room like ‘errr, just going to find my friend’, then I found Will out in the corridor (a guy from my dorm), and so he went into the dorm and asked the guy to leave for me, bless him. He is an asshole but can be nice. I went downstairs to use the computers then a guy runs up to me saying ‘I think your friend is dead’, so I go over to the sofa and Olivia is passed out with policemen who had taken her home, and I had to get 4 guys to carry her up 2 flights of stairs and put her into her top bunkbed!
Eventful night… Peaceful meeting place not so much! The guys also had an interesting time. Harry woke up on the street, and Will had sex with a girl on the balcony of the hostel. Que sera sera hey!

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