Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hungover tour of Pai.

Waking up at 7:45am with the worlds worst hangover ever is not my idea of fun! I feel as if I remember everything last night yet somethings are still very blurry. I came back and crashed out early as I had to be up at 8am and knew I’d be very moody otherwise, but yeah, funniest night regardless.
I am ever so glad that we don’t have to see anyone today before we leave! Save ourselves the embarrassment. Liv was on the back of a bike with a sexy Canadian telling him he looked like Leonardo Decaprio and that she loved him whilst rubbing up his body hahaha.
We had to get up early due to our sightseeing tour yet we both wanted to vomit and sleep. At 8:30am the guy came to collect us and we went to a temple in the mountains. It was totally average, nothing impressive at all and because we felt like crap so we just sat on a bench overlooking Pai instead and waited for the other two Dutch girls to finish exploring.
Notice anything strange about this sign?
Afterwards we went to the natural hot springs, it was £4 entry which was steep but we hoped it would cure our poor bodies. It was so nice! The water was 37 degrees and so was just bearable. We rolled around for a bit then went to the actual springs that act like fountains coming out of the ground with water and steam hot enough to boil an egg, a thing many tourists actually do. We stayed there for an hour then headed to the ww2 memorial bridge which was… Just a bridge. But we did make some postcards there which were great fun, there was a guy dressed as Jack Sparrow, and he is pretending to hold a gun to my throat and I'm screaming in it. I sent it to my family with a note on the back that said they needed to send 10,000 baht if they ever wanted to see me again haha. It's so ugly though I can't bear it.
My very hungover look at the Watersprings.

Memorial Bridge.
Following that, we went to a canyon, it was… Canyon like. Then I was actually dying of hunger having like a attack walking up the stairs as I was so out of breath and drained! So we stopped off at a ‘love strawberry’ place. I got some chips and the girls had the best strawberry shakes ever.
Next stop, Thai food… Yuck. Olivia and I wet ourselves at the table laughing, but it’s classified information as to why. The menu too allowed you to order Basil the frog.. not quite sure if they meant frog and basil… or they were being funny and named the frog ;).
Then we went to coffee in love, followed by the land crack waterfall. I felt a lot better by this point but liv was still ill so she lied in the truck to avoid the painfully dangerous rock climb to get to the top of the crack to see the waterfall. One wrong footing would have been fatal! It was so dodgy. I love health and safety…
When I finally got there, I had to battle the flow of the water to wade over to the waterfall to perch on a rock directly in front of it. I was the only one there and my god, it just felt so surreal, the crashing thunder of the water was so calming and it was one of those realisation moments I have every now and then which is ‘this is why I’ve come travelling’. I can’t believe people would miss moments like these! It was beautiful. Another girl came along so I left and we went to a dull Chinese weird village before returning to Pai.
I had to get another sandwich from Bigs little cafe before we left because they're just so amazing. We then waited under shelter for an hour for our bus… An old man tried getting into livs backpack so I grabbed it off him. After a gruelling 4 hour winding journey where Olivia threw up 3 times in a rest room, we finally made it. We had so much trouble getting a tuk tuk as no one knew where our hotel Santi was!
We were so knackered when we got back we ordered a Pizza Hut delivery. Best move ever! So good. Then watched meet the Fockers and slept :). Once I got over the illness, it was actually a pleasant day,  I am glad we bothered seeing Pai properly.

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