Monday, 22 July 2013

I want to move to Hanoi.

I love Hanoi. I love it. I love it. I love it. I don’t know why, it’s just magical in a lame way. It’s so busy and crossing the road is a matter of life and death. You have to walk out in full traffic and pray they stop for you, make a dash for your life!
This morning we went on a mission to find Hao Lao prison, Olivia is trusting my map reading skills… Pah. Crazy woman. Anyway, we finally got there and it was seriously sad experience. It’s where the french colonialists imprisoned the Vietnamese, and later where the Vietnamese imprisoned the American pilots during the Vietnam war. It’s all well reading signs about what happened at the area you’re looking at, but it’s easy to forget they’re not just stories. It’s real life. People really were tortured like that. There was this block where the body went and a bucket where the head fell into with a big blade in between, it’s called a guillotine. It was horrible and I actually felt like crying at the thought of it. After an hour and a half we left and headed back to the hostel.
I skyped my mum and Sophie for an hour each which was wonderful. The wifi here is really strong so I love skype right now. What is really annoying though is that I have to sit on the steps outside the hostel room as people inside were asleep. Eventually we decided to go get some dinner and, me, being a classic westerner, really wanted a pizza hut so… Took the challenge on of walking 30 minutes to this huge shopping complex. It was such a humid walk but was great to take in the city by foot. We're scared of getting taxis here in Vietnam as they're renowned for ripping people off. 
The complex was amazing, so modern, so out of place in Hanoi, and the pizza, yum! I’ve had nothing but disgusting meals the past 2 weeks, it was wonderful having something so familiar. They do the strangest flavours… You can get crab flavour. What?
When I get back home I’m going to forget it’s not acceptable to beep at everyone on the road. It’s constant horns and motorbikes everywhere. I’ve never been anywhere so hectic but I now feel like you could throw me anywhere in the world and I’d make it out alive.
**Update 2:30am**
We ended up going to the bar top and getting really drunk, met a guy with a beard that I fell in love with, no change atm! So I spoke to him and his friend most of the night. We went over to Hanoi Backpackers 2 and the place is HUGE! It was heaving, and a lot of fun, but difficult to make new friends as everyone was in huge groups and the music was too loud so that was a shame.
We then headed to some shady nightclub, it was great, but I was so tired. I didn’t really want to go out in the first place, but decided I would regret it. I left the club really drunk around 1am, got a taxi back to the cathedral and literally pegged it down the road because the taxi driver didn’t know where my hostel was. It was creepy! When I got back in I skyped Matthew for a bit… and well, that bit of my life is pretty much over now. It was fun, it’s a shame but yeah, moving onwards and upwards. He is still a lovely guy but… as I’m sure anyone who knows us understands it's not working.
It turns out that the nightclub we were in first got shut down soon after I left. If the police come along, they just close places playing loud music, so they were moved to another night club, which then was also shut down, so everyone came back around 2:30/ 3am anyway. It was a nice evening though regardless.

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