Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Immigration Pak Beng

After waking at 6:30am to cross immigration and wander round this little town with nothing there before setting off on a 6 hour boat journey. I took valium and slept the whole way, I woke up once to eat some crisps but running in slow motion so I gave up and went back to sleep until we finally arrived at our next stop, Pak Beng. A stop over to break up the journey.
Again, we all went out for dinner. Laos is a lot more run down than Thailand, well, what we’ve seen so far. Dinner for me was french fries again, go figure. I had a good time talking to the tour leader but I had taken a malaria tablet for the first time and it made me ridiculously ill so I’m never taking it again. I had to go back early and spent the whole night clutched over the bin retching, my stomach just hurt to move. Rick, our leader, says its really common but I’m lucky I didn’t have the crazy nightmares that often go with it!

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