Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lao Language Barriers

We were too lazy to get out of bed and so missed breakfast with Caitlin and Gwendolyn yet we ventured out in the town with them after. We went and did our ‘thing a day that scares us’ which, as stupid as it sounds, was a massage. It was so awkward because we had no idea what they wanted us to do. Get naked, keep our bra on or what? They couldn’t speak English and there was a lot of awkward laughing.
It was funny because Olivia wanted a head massage but they told her to take off her top, she was confused but did it, then they asked her again what she wanted, she told them and they laughing as if to say, why don’t you have your top on then? So in embarrassment, she switched to an oil massage too. It only cost 3 pounds 50 each for 30 minutes, or 5 pounds for an hour, we went for 30 minutes each.
The massage, oh my god, put me in so much pain! Some parts were really good, but I actually had to bite my hand to focus the pain elsewhere. My calves hurt yesterday, so imagine a lady pinching and punching them, god it was agony. Then at one point really awkward and I froze, wondering if she was going to attempt to do one of these ‘happy endings’ I’ve heard so much about and how to tell her to stop because whilst massaging the top of my legs, her hands were getting dangerously close to my vagina like just rubbing my underwear with the massage stroke on the top of my leg. Super hilariously panicked me, but all was well, and she eventually moved on to murdering my back instead. 
On our way back to the hotel I got a pineapple shake made with water, for the same price, Olivia and Caitlin got a orange and Lao Lao whiskey shake! It’s crazy that Lao Lao is cheaper than water out here. 
We then chilled out for a while because it was chucking it down with rain then went to a few bars for some afternoon drinking, I had the worst cocktail called ‘pink gay’ it was ridiculously sweet, I cringed every time I drank it. Then again, it was made with Lao Lao. 
At 8pm, back in our hotel room, we started playing drinking games, and Olivia managed to throw up after her 2nd shot of Lao Lao despite never having thrown up because of alcohol before. The smell of it kept putting her off, but eventually she forced herself to do it then yeah… Threw up. She got a beer and we just played ‘Fuck the Dealer’ before heading out just after 9pm to Utopia. Again, we were rather disappointed because it was so empty compared to Friday night! We did meet some nice people, but nobody was really drunk, so instead of going bowling, we just called it a night which was a shame. Hoping tomorrow night will be buzzing! If not, Vang Vieng will be where the party is. 

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