Friday, 12 July 2013

Luang Prabang

  • Today we met everyone else at 7am and then boarded the boat, had breakfast onboard then stopped at Tham Ting caves an hour from Luang Prabang. They were really strange, it had a thousand buddhas inside the cave. We all got down, said our prayers, burned incense then picked up our fortune cards. Mine said that my family love me and will support me but I’m going to have some troubles. However it was very convinced I was going to be happy and well for the rest of my life, oh and I’m going to have a baby boy.



    Tonight they’re all heading to Chow's house for dinner, this crazy Lao man who drinks Lao Lao whiskey like water and reminds me of the 
    Chinese man on the hangover. Olivia wants to marry him. I don’t want to go to his for dinner though, I’m fed up of this group and I want food that I like and go where I want. Olivia loves the group though. It’ll be nice having some alone time anyway, need to go skype my mum now she’s home from Canada, can’t wait, I’ve missed her so much but depends if she’s at work or not. I might meet them at the bowling alley though, its the only place open after 11pm so everyone goes there.
  • **Update 4pm**
    Ugh, nightmare. So angry, we spent an hour looking for the Vietnam embassy in the rain, expected it to be like $30 that everyone else paid…. but no. $70 fuck. Serious contemplation not going… till I realised that’s stupid bc I’m so excited for Vietnam. On the plus side, had a burger for lunch. Yayyyyyyyyy.
  • **Update 5am**
    Oh my god. Next to the full moon party obviously, tonight was my favorite. It was different kind of night but I just had so much fun and loved all of it. I started off at Utopia, the best bar I’ve ever be to in my life. Its so chilled and friendly. Its a hut with loads of cushions that everyone just lounges around in chatting to everyone you see. There’s a beach volleyball court and then a section that goes onto the river, all made off bamboo, the atmosphere indescribable. I met so many wonderful people I just… I loved it.

  • We then went to the bowling alley when the 11pm curfew struck and just continued to get drunk, meet new people and have a ball. Olivia had a lot of fun with Mr Chow too… haha. Afterwards I sat outside the bowling alley with loads of folks having a huge chat.
  • Out back of Utopia in the day.
    image image
    Charlie and I told to pull our ‘sexy’ faces haha.

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