Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Meditation Retreat in Chang Mai.

At 1pm we’re going from our hotel to a meditation center where we’re spending the night and tomorrow learning to meditate, apparently it’s ‘the way to make the mind peaceful, and to develop transcendent insight which penetrates into the truth of life.’ Right… Whatever, it’s an experience, that’s what this holiday is for. Things we wouldn’t usually do :). I’m looking forward to it. I have hidden some Pringles and Oreos in my bag though because I am such a fussy eater I know I am not going to want to eat the rice they give me at dinnertime but then I’ll be so hungry all day! Wahhhh.
*Update 10pm*
We boarded a large tuk tuk and were taken to the monk university and shown our rooms. They’re really simple but a decent size. First room we thankfully were allowed to move out off as the fan was broken. There was a lizard in the room too and just so many bugs everywhere! Afterwards, we had our first meditation practise and I absolutely hated it! I was boiling hot, I felt faint and I wanted to throw up. Tripple whammy. Sitting in lotus position hurt my back and standing up with my eyes open makes me unbelievably dizzy.
As we left for a break I ended up bursting into tears, I was just so emotional and feeling so ill. I think I was seriously dehydrated too having only had a can of sprite and it being 5:30pm. So after chanting then a spoonful of disgusting food i hurried back to the room to curl up in bed. After crying, drinking and eating a whole pack of oreos, I felt a lot better so rejoined the meditation.
This time it was far more enjoyable however I can never clear my mind, if anything I thought about things more! My favorite is lying meditation. I can’t focus sitting up, especially with so many mosquito bites!! So itchy. We meditated in the darkness which was calming. We did it until nine pm, along with more chanting and thanking the buddah by going from prayer stance to bowing before him etc.

Read all about how I lost 10 stone in 2 days! Hehe. Oversized trousers much??
Lotus position.

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