Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mopeds & Waterfalls in Pai.

imageAfter leaving our hotel, we had the best breakfast we’ve had since we have been here! I was super excited to eat it… As you can tell from my face haha.
We then left to go to Spicy Pai, that chain of hostel we stayed at in Koh Tao and it’s so nice here. The room is so much bigger and nicer than Tao. It’s hard to explain but their big hand-made huts that are super cool. At first we weren’t too sure about the atmosphere in the common area, but we soon realised it was so much better than spicy tao. I'll post photos of it that Olivia took at the end of this post.
Olivia looking sexy!
A group of people invited us to the waterfalls with them but they were all biking there, so finally we took the plunge and hired two bikes. These men took us into the middle of nowhere to show us how to drive forward and stop… totally useless but oh well. I was so petrified riding it because I like sticking to four wheels! Also, basically everyone out here has injurjes from crashing a bike. On the plus side, Joe had to get an x-ray, stitches and four packs on antibiotics all for £10!! Crazy cheap.
Anyway, we got super lost onto the way to the waterfalls and took every wrong turn possible! It was a total nightmare and it really damaged my back as it was unsupported for so long :(. Some areas were really scary as huge potholes are not fun on a bike. It was an adrenaline rush though, another experience to add to the list. The views on the journey up there was beautiful and so was the waterfall when we finally got there, an hour and a half later and on 50p of fuel lol.
imageEveryone was sitting half way up it was so hard to get to them. It involved rock climbing up the edge, it was totally scary because one wrong footing would have really injured you. But at the top it was really nice. These Thai kids were mental, they clearly go to the place to hangout all the time, but who wouldn’t if you could? Beats Capel nature reserve by ten million miles. There were some natural made slides that they were going crazy on. This Chinese girl went down with her glasses on and lost them haha. We did giggle. We rode back with the others yet I almost wet myself as they were going so fast and I was scared of falling.
When we got back we all just chilled out to wait for the £3 all you can eat BBQ being held at our hostel. It was so much fun and I miss the hostel atmosphere, you don’t feel half as lonely or miss home at places like this. There was forty of us just playing games, drinking lots and laughing. It was good fun. I spent a lot of the time talking to joe and jess, joe is off to exeter uni and jess is going to cambridge. Great people. Despite the fact it was pouring with rain, in our drunken state Joe and I decided to venture to get a classic toastie. It was so worth it. We then met all the others at a bar and they sung karaoke etc. I was so tired I ended up sprinting back home half a mile in the pouring humid rain and just collapsed in my bed. I ended up sticking to the sheets! It was a great evening out but I had the worst nights sleep ever due to the fucking nosiest frogs I’ve ever heard. Since the huts have no proper walls, you hear everything and it sounded like god had sent a plague of frogs haha. Thousands of them :(.
Ring of Fire last night.


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