Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Motorbiking like a local.

Today we got out of bed early in order to get the sunshine whilst it was still up, before the rain kicked in, we then rented bikes on a hunt for a new hotel (wonder why eh?), we ended up getting very lost and stressed with no hotels that were affordable in sight. The motorbikes really hurt my back too. Eventually, as we were about to cave and head back to sunflower, a man on a motorbike approached us and told us to follow him, we ended up a really nice hotel for the same price, a private room and pool etc. It’s really good apart from the moody staff!
After a quick dip and sunbath, we napped, got some food, collected our laundry (after getting very lost again and road rage with Olivia beeping like a local) rolled around and headed out at 10:30pm to ‘Why not?’ bar, where we told there would be lots of people and a great time… Totally misled. The night was awful and there was just hardly anyone there. We had to pay a lot to get there, and even more to get back as there were no real taxis with meters around, only men on motorbikes. We got the unlimited drinks at this place too, but didn’t put it to good use really. We left just before 1am, came home and slept! Far better idea. We did bump into this group of guys again though that we’ve met in every place since Luang Prabang like over 2 weeks a go. So we spoke to them for a while, that was nice. The one I was talking to is on his gap year and is going on to do History at Exeter and we had a lot in common so that was a nice chat, but other than that, worst night yet really!
I was very stressed and looking very ugly haha.
After a lovely swim and a fresh shower, I was ready to hit the road again.

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