Thursday, 1 August 2013

Never under-estimate the power of the Vietnamese sun.

It’s a very very very depressing thought that I only have 3 weeks left of travelling before I fly home.  No. I don’t want to come home! I wish I could go home for like… 4 days, then fly straight back out and spend another 3 months here. It’d be perfecttttt. If only. One day hey! I will return here. I will do it!
Last night I began dreaming about this bikini I saw in a tailor shop yesterday and woke up seriously wishing I hadn’t left it so late thinking they’d need 24 hours when we leave today. But, we got ready super quick and got a taxi there, and they could do it! Woohooooo. It is only costing me £11 for the set.
I haven’t gone to pick it up yet, but even the model one fit so snug, they’re making a new one with all my measurements and adding slightly more padding hehe. I now regret not bothering to get out of bed and get more made because my bikini top alone at home cost £20. Cheap cheap! (as they love to say out here).
We then headed to the beach, got sun lounges and just chilled. The weather was great because it wasn’t REALLY sunny, slightly overcast but the weather you’d burn very quickly in. Instead, we spent a perfect amount of time in it, and managed to get very tanned again! We’re now very happy girls. The lack of tan and sunshine that has plagued us through Laos and northern Vietnam is now disappearing. I can only hope Nha Trang has the same to offer.
We lounged around in the hotel lobby for ages today (which is why I was able to catch up on my blog), because our bus arrives at 6pm and gets us to our next destination at 6am, but we didn’t want to lounge at the beach all day, and I need to collect my bikini at 5pm anyway. Not looking forward to this bus journey, but I’m so tired that I hope to sleep the entire time.
**Update midnight**
So, I went and picked up my bikini and I’m kind of upset because I preferred the model one I tried on! Bottoms fit better though. No extra padding in the top though, booo. Problem was, our bus left in 30 minutes and I still had to hail a taxi home, so no time for alterations :(. That said, its nothing my mum wouldn’t be able to easily sort out :).
By the time I got a taxi back, we went straight to pick up point where they made us wait for an hour after trekking to the bus station. Southeast Asia never runs on time. I’m just glad its a sleeper bus, despite being stuck in the worst seat next to a couple in a triple row. I was so tired and burnt when the bus came I was almost crying that’s how much I wanted to sleep, so, for once in my life, despite crap conditions and the loudest horn ever, I fell asleep for six hours! (I did wake up a few times though). I’m still sleepy now but I’m going to take a valium to ensure I sleep the rest of the journey, I can’t deal with his horn.
I didn’t realise how burnt I was.
We’re in lots of pain, very burnt, waiting for the bus.
My Bikini I had tailor-made for £11!

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