Sunday, 28 July 2013

No way Huế.

Today we arrived in Hue, the old capital of Vietnam. Originally, despite being told by other travellers to skip it, I was super excited to visit it having learnt so much about it during my A-Levels, in particular about the Tet Offensive here. Yet, in hindsight of the day spent here, I wouldn't ever return and I agree with other travellers, it's not really worth a stop.
We finally got off the bus at about 8:30am and it was the worst trip ever. I took a valium and slept till 2am where the driver decided to turn on all the lights. It was then just super uncomfortable and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Because we were supposed to be arriving at 7am, I thought better of taking another one as I didn’t want to be all sleepy getting off the bus. So, I ended up just tossing and turning for ages, getting extremely frustrated at the crazy level of beeping that the driver decided to do towards other drivers.
Hue was not what I had expected at all, I was very disappointed with it. It was quiet and really boring. This guy Harry that we met through Orla shared a taxi with us to Hue backpackers, run by the same company as the hostel in Hanoi. It was nowhere near as nice or as fun. We had to wait around for hours before we could check-in at midday, so we all got big breakfasts and Olivia slept on the sofa. I was shattered but just couldn’t sleep.
When we finally got inside, we all showered and met this other guy, Luke, who was on his gap year, so he joined us for a walk to the citadel, the only thing to do in Hue! We stopped for lunch on the way and all got to know one another, they were both really nice. Luke was going on to do Economics and Harry studies medicine at Imperial College London.
The citadel was really expensive to enter (£4) and so not worth the money. We walked around really bored, but thankfully we had the guys to talk to, who were also uninterested and eventually, after going to a boring fine arts museum, we decided to go back to the hostel.
We ate cheap pizza and then decided to begin drinking when happy hour came on. I got 6 vodka and mixers and harry allowed me to pour extra into mine from the bottle he had which was good. We played this stupid game that I fucking sucked at because it involved maths and they were all good at it… Just called ‘fizz buzz’, so you say fizz on a multiple of 3, and buzz on a multiple of 5, but if it has a 3 or 5 in the number, you also have to say fizz or buzz. So the number 15 would be fizz buzz buzz. I sucked and which meant I got very very drunk!
Afterwards, we met a few Canadians who also wanted to go out but no one seemed to be around! So, all of us went out, there was no-one else out but us, but we still had a really fab time. Got back to the hostel at god knows when, and crashed out hard after some fun and laughter. There were a load of really annoying (but slightly funny) french people in our room too who I wanted to hit in the face but managed to refrain. Pretty sure there was a 3some going on in the bunk next to me, that was interesting!
Opposite our hostel…
Harry, Luke, Me & Fred - Lovely chaps - Great night!

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