Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sickness from cheap booze.

Well Hoi An…. You’ve well and truly fucked me over. I did nothing today, I slept for 1 hour then threw up from 9am till 3pm, horrific and consistent. UGH. I can’t tell if it was the 10 or more red bulls than I drank, or the 2 pound bottle of vodka that I bought and drank that killed me…. Either way, I’ve never been so sick in my entire life :(.
Olivia didn’t get out of bed once today until 9:30pm! A new guy we had just introduced ourself to, who was staying in our room, even went out and got her oreos as she was too lazy to move. I just rolled around and got up all the time to throw up. At midday, I thought I was a little bit better, and I needed to leave the room so went for a swim and a chat with some of the others. I ended up being sick in the soil at the side of the restaurant - not cool.
We went downstairs at 9:30pm to get food, but I still couldn’t eat, so just came upstairs and went to bed. The lads were at it again though. At 5am one came in yelling his head off doing hop scotch on the floor and screaming ‘top chopper’ (my nickname), whilst the other came in at 6am with a girl and had sex with her on her period, leaving a nice stain over the sheets. Vulgar men. It meant once again, I had very little sleep and wasn’t feeling entirely refreshed in the morning! 

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