Thursday, 18 July 2013

The 'Blue Lagoon'...

Olivia wasn’t feeling very well, and neither of us could really be bothered to move, but we dragged ourselves out of bed and headed to the Blue Lagoon. The lagoon itself was a huge disappointment, very overrated and not at all blue. It was more a merky green. Also, due to the torrential rain last night, the rope swings were submerged about a meter in the water when they’re usually two meters above it. Same for the actually swings in the water.

So, to compensate for the lack of crazy things to do, I did my ‘do something a day that scares me’ and climbed up a really dodgy difficult tree (another situation where one wrong footing would really hurt you), and then jumped from it. It was about 10 meters high but when you’re up there feels so much higher. I had to get my new Irish friend to walk up behind me to encourage me to do it because I really wanted too but knew if I lingered too long I wouldn’t. The main worry was that I had to jump over a rope of flags first. It didn’t hurt at all, but was just fun/ petrifying. 
Eventually, because Olivia was feeling so ill and the water was cold with such a strong current, we headed back and went out for dinner. There was a very interesting, but very classic drugs menu provided inside the real menu. Anyone for an opium cup of tea? There are so many ‘happy’ restaurants out here!

The night ended up being totally mental. We weren’t planning on drinking, but then I was so bored of just lounging around that I went and found a bottle of vodka. It was 1 pound 80p for 750ml, but it was made by a local village and had dust on the bottle. I haven’t drunk it yet but I’m slightly worried about going blind! We went to the Irish bar as the drinks there are really strong, met two lovely Canadian girls from Toronto and then headed to Aussies Bar as they were doing free drinks for girls all night.  It was mental. People think sexism in England is bad haha. The guys that ran the bar were so nice, one reminded me of Russell Brand, I wanted him in my bed hehe. When we first got there, the drinks were so weak that we returned to the Irish Bar. However, later in the evening when we went back, as the bar tenders got more and more drunk, the drinks got stronger and stronger and we all just danced our hearts out having so much fun.

When curfew rolled around at 11:30pm, we all moved to room 101, a modern western nightclub, but then after that I remember very little. Olivia ended up going to sit on Buddha's knee in a temple and listen to another travellers saddening story of how she tried to take her own life a few weeks previous, and so they prayed to Buddha together for a happier future. A very odd experience but interesting nonetheless.

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