Monday, 8 July 2013

Travellers trousers.

Today we decided to explore Chang Mai by foot, it was peculiar, all just so run down. We went to a few temples before we got bored - ‘same same but different’. All of them just have big buddhas inside with smaller buddhas surrounding them. We looked in a few shops and ended up walking quite far actually, till we got to nothingness so grabbed a tuk tuk. It was scary and I was panicking because he drove the wrong way then started taking us down all these back roads before stopping at a yard and exchanging words with some guy and muttering in thai. I was worried they were going to attack, we had no chance of running. Thankfully he was just giving him a key haha, then we finally got back.
Whilst out, after trying and failing to get valium at several pharmacies I finally found some, £4 for 20 tablets though and it looks dodgy as fuck. Oh well, I’ll soon find out if they work. He just got a plastic bag with little blue tablets in and handed it to me, no label… It looks so dodgy
We chilled, grabbed some late lunch, dozed for a bit then got a tuk tuk to the night market, where it began throwing it down with rain, it was torrential downpour and when liv asked if I was going to bring my coat, I told her I wouldn’t need it…. always the way! Luckily we found a large covered market area so looked round there for a bit, we both found classic traveller trousers with elephants on so got some to make long journeys on really air conditioned buses better. I also finally bought a new backpack for the day, its northface with a chest strap and everything for only £7, I could have probably got it cheaper but we’d bartered a lot already. There were so many fake designers, my sisters would have loved it. I’ll wait to bangkok to buy stuff.
We got ourselves a dinner at this cheap restaurant but it was the best pizza ever. Mhmmmm. We weighed ourselves today, I’ve lost no weight, booo haha, tbh it doesn’t surprise me, I eat more junk than at home as I have no other option. Hopefully from some walking I’ll be fitter though haha, already seen amount of stitches reduce.
We got back to the hotel around ten, called it a night, watched a movie called the zookeeper and got very frustrated at the lack of wifi!

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