Thursday, 15 August 2013

A-level Results Day.

Results day…. Olivia and I spent the whole morning refreshing the internet trying to see our results - I was pleased to find out I had been accepted to Warwick but I was truly devastated by my results. I was 1 UMS off an A* in Politics, 4 UMS off an A* in History, and my English… well, I got an A in the exam which I was thrilled with, but it still wasn’t enough to get an A overall. Economics I managed to get re-marked and that went up to an A too. 
We were both rather miffed by our results so spent the day by the pool sulking and decided we weren’t even in the mood to go out and party in the evening. That was… Until I decided to get a portion of chips from the bar and was chatted up by the bar tender, Paul. Eventually he convinced us to come out and we met up with a load of others and played several drinking games. We didn’t leave for the strip until 2:30am! Of course, I ended up being totally smashed and it made for a very funny night when we got back at 5:30am.
Stupid Ring of Fire rule where you can’t show your teeth!

Me looking far too happy with Paul. 

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