Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Angkor Wat temples.

Despite original plans to see sunrise in at Angkor Wat, due to our drinking the night before we delayed this. Also, others has told us it was too misty in this season to see anything.

Around 10am, our tuk tuk driver (rented for $15 for the whole day), came to pick us up from our hostel and take us to Angkor Wat. Entrance to the temples cost $20 for a whole day pass. This seems ludicrously priced given that it's probably the most expensive thing we've brought since we've been here. However, since it's such an infamous historical site and tourist attraction, and that it costs so much to maintain, we obliged and entered.

The first site we were taken to was the main one, actually named Angkor Wat. The problem was, much like the other tourist attractions in Asia, it was so overrun with people that it lost some of its beauty. It was hard to imagine the civilisation that lived here with so much noise in the background and the sound of endless photographs being taken (though I shamefully contributed to such). At one point, my heroic moment of the day, was saving a ladies flip flop from a monkey who had cheekily stolen it from her handbag as it was in a plastic bag the monkey thought it was food! I had to chase after this monkey to get it back!

The cheeky monkey!
We ended up leaving around 2:30pm as we were templed out and the heat was really starting to get to us, we were tired and hungry! We gave the tuk tuk driver a tip and hopped on out for a great lunch at the hostel.

In the evening we went to the famous Siem Reap night market to pick up a few goodies. I ended up getting Matt a nice tie-set. Originally the lady had asked for $12, but I didn't even want it that much, as I continued to walk away she kept going lower and lower until she got to $3 and I couldn't resist. Even if it isn't that nice - for $3, who cares! I also bought myself a small elephant statue, an elephant bracelet I fell in love with, massage oil and a laptop case made from recycled materials.

We ended up stopping for a foot/ leg massage. It was $1 for it, and was honestly the best thing ever! I wish I could have them all day everyday. We left a hefty tip and got on our way back to the hostel where we anxiously stayed up for hours discussing the possible scenarios for our A-Level results tomorrow.

The amount of elephant trousers I now have though is ridiculous, they take up most of my backpack!

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