Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bangkok bound.

Today we finally left for Bangkok in hope there would be more things to do there. We were sadly wrong. We did however travel by a really posh bus and I had wifi most of the way to keep me entertained. 

We visited Khao San Road for the first time and yes, it's mental. There are people everywhere drinking, Tuk Tuk drivers persistently offering to take you to the latest Ping Pong show or ladyboy show, and there are countless vendors attempting to flog everything and anything. However, at this moment in our trip, all we wanted was a beach to relax on, not meeting people who would repeatedly ask us of our age, our occupation, what route we took etc. After 9 weeks, that conversation gets a bit repetitive quite frankly. It's sad to say this, but I think I'm travelled out at this moment. 

We choose awful accommodation, we had pre-booked the rainbow hotel, opposite Khao San Road, but the room has no windows, the roof is falling down and it's disgustingly musty - It definitely doesn't make us any happier! At least our room in Siem Reap was nice. I feel like I'm suffocating here. We're definitely going to move accommodation tomorrow. Instead, this evening, we've just strolled around trying to find anything to take our mind of the emptiness of the room. We eventually found McDonalds and were relieved to have a decent tasting burger for once! First world problems eh...

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