Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Chu Chi Tunnels.

Today we rolled around till midday and went to subway for lunch after bumping into welsh number 2 again (6th time?). Crazy how that works, but yeah, then headed back to the hotel for 1:30pm where we got an hour and a half bus to the Chu Chi tunnels with a tour group. We met two nice american guys on the bus, one of whom's father actually fought in the war which was pretty cool.
The place itself was one of the most haunting and disturbing places I’ve ever been to. I felt sick and close to tears at many points, in particular the booby traps the vietcong used on the americans, responsible for a large percentage of their deaths. They were just… so creative. They reminded me of traps in the film saw, but I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t a movie, it is real life. They are so well hidden… some drop you into a hole and pierce the sides of your head as you slowly bleed to death… some of the traps killed instantly, some took minutes, some hours. The worst ones that took hours meant they were able to call for help… a friend would come running only to fall into a trap right next to them and die with you, knowing you were responsible.
I discovered today that I don’t do well in small spaces… I almost had a panic attack crawling through one of the tunnels, it was so hot, I didn’t know how far the next exit was and I just hated every second of it. How 20,000 people used to live in those underground networks amazes me… I seriously wanted to cry I couldn’t cope. I didn’t go in the first smaller tunnel, the entrance was about the size of a shoebox, no wonder the americans took years to work it out!
My ‘get me out of here, I’m going to die’ panic face.
We got back at 7:30pm. After I had my pizza hut and Olivia had her thai food, we got manicures as we had 4 hours to kill before our midnight bus came. It was a weird experience because it was so awkward, they didn’t speak to us or one another other so we just sat their in silence whilst they took almost 2 hours to do our fingernails! There was some serious work put into it.
We then went for a stroll and ended up bumping into the two americans from the chu chi tunnels we’d spent our day with. One of our new favorite things now is clearly just meeting just two older guys and spending the evening with them chilling out. They’d bought a keg looking thing, and so invited us to the table for some drinks. We spent the remainder of the evening just chatting, one has just graduated a 7 year law degree, so we spoke about that. It made me laugh, he was from California and had a fake ‘weed licence’, I mean, fuck off is that legit! Turns out it is… He can just walk into the weed stores and buy it!
This evening the police caused a lot of trouble on the streets trying to take away bar stools from those sitting drinking on the street. It started a dramatic fight but was soon over. The guys ordered a shisha pipe but we had to leave for our bus before it arrived. Turns out welsh number 1 and 2 were on our bus again! WEIRD.
Upset because I had almost finished it.
Beer we got on the streets.

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