Monday, 19 August 2013

Home blues.

It’s awful feeling so crap. We both feel like we are slowly going insane at the moment and I can’t cope with that. I just need to be home, right now, in my own bed. These past few hotels make me feel mental. 

This new hotel we checked into, the other side of Khao San Road has little light again, but walking around hot and bothered with our backpacks trying to find another hotel wasn't our idea of fun so we checked into another relatively ok looking one. Both beds are extremely uncomfortable and now I just want to cry as I’ve had no sleep. It didn't help that somebody had started a fight outside our hotel at 5am yesterday - I ended up yelling out the window to them to shut up because some of us were trying to sleep and they had no regard for any other travellers.

We have been unable to change our flight and I’m hot and bothered with a painful back and not enough money to last me to Thursday :(.
Right now I just can’t wait to be home! I miss my bed, my laptop, my iphone, food, just being someone stationary for a week. I guess Cambodia made me ready to come home as it sucked so much, whereas I’d never want to go home if I was in Vietnam. I miss Vietnam more than I miss home.
**update 8:30pm**
We spent the whole day trying to sort out earlier flights and... WOOHOOOO! WE DID IT! However we ended up paying £150 to change it from Friday to tomorrow (Tuesday) - It still seems worth it though because Bangkok is a total nightmare and we can’t wait to leave it! At the same time it seems utterly ridiculous as that money could have lasted us a whole week in Vietnam. I really wish we had spent longer in  places like Ho Chi Minh City.
**Update 11pm**
I went to the market this evening to buy the final pairs of elephant trousers, fake handbags and a fake Rolex watch for my mum and dad. They're so cheap it's ridiculous. 

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