Friday, 2 August 2013

Movie day in Nha Trang.

Some of these buses drive me crazy, they’re never on time when you need them to be, and they arrived two hours early in Nha Trang opposed to the two hours late we expected so we rocked up 4:30am, it was awful. We ended up having to hop onto the back of two dodgy looking motorbikes who wouldn’t let go off Olivia's bag, and went to check into the ruby hotel we’d booked for tonight.
Of course we weren't able to check as it was only 5am, however, with a little sigh of relief, found check-in was 10am, not midday like most hotels. Instead of having us lounge in the lobby, the guy was lovely and gave us keys to the bedroom for the staff on the top floor with no-one there obviously, so we went up there and slept a little longer. I felt slightly uncomfortable with it so couldn’t sleep as well. Eventually at 10am, we were allowed to check-in. I'm currently watching a really good film, I don’t know what its called but its fab.
Today I also watched War horse, went to the beach decided I was too sun burnt from Hoi An so headed back swiftly and allowed Olivia to continue working on her tan. On the way back to our hotel I found an amazing ice cream shop where I got a waffle, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Despite my hunger, I was quickly defeated, it was wonderful though! I came back, slept then we ventured out to ‘good morning vietnam’ pizza restaurant. The pizza was so amazing! Afterwards we watched ‘skyfall’ and slept. Very uneventful relaxing day.
Off snorkelling tomorrow, £6 for the day, lunch included and transport.
Pouting as hard as ever. I haven’t pouted in a while, I’m sorry. I actually really miss my make-up case back home. I’m craving another shade of lipstick. I definitley need to buy some new lipstick when I get home, I’m running low!
And dude… I’m tanned, woohoooooo. Browner IRL.

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