Thursday, 8 August 2013

Quick getaway to leave our troubles behind in Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville has been a total and utter disappointment.  We woke at midday and decided to book the closest bus to Phnom Penh after seeing the amount of rain that still plagued us. We’re bored because there's nothing to do during the day here but watch people chain smoke, read or sleep. This place is useless without sunshine. Classic beach area. The next bus was due to leave at 1:30pm so we raced to get ready, headed to Ernie's burger, got the usual jumbo hot dog and cheesy chips with a cookie for lunch and sat patiently waiting outside our hostel, Utopia. 
We were most likely scammed, but they told us we’d missed our bus and we had to get a tuk tuk to the bus station. It was suspicious because before we were told we had even missed it, the tuk tuk driver kept telling us he’d give us a lift to the station… he must have some deal with the hostel because when we got to the station, it still didn’t arrive till 2:30pm and it was empty, suggesting they don’t ever pick people up. Oh well, if that’s our only scam so far we’re doing well! The question you're asked out here by other tourists is always ‘have you been ripped off yet?’, as if its an unavoidable consequence of being a westerner in Asia. I think we’ve just got lucky so far, we’ve heard lots of stories of people having things stolen, tuk tuk drivers pulling out bats or guns etc. Just another day in Asia I suppose.
We’re due to arrive at 6pm, but god knows how accurate that’ll be. Nothing ever runs on time here.
For once we were on time! Got a tuk tuk but all the recommended hostels were entirely full so we ended up in a random hotel in a random location. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but every room after last night is an improvement. We’ve sunken to the lowest we can go, I’m sure of it! This room has no windows though and it is dark, stuffy and has a foul stench. At least it's not too dirty.
This evening after grabbing some food, we dozed around and watched TV. It’s only 75 cents for a double vodka and redbull though so I may have to try that out tomorrow night! We walked down to the supermarket and got a tub of ice cream and a pack of cookies, and made our own cookie ice cream infront of the TV. What an eventful night hey!

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