Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Serendipity beach - I wish!

There isn't much to report today, as usual it's chucking it down and we're not able to do anything on a beach in this weather! We therefore checked out of ‘wish you were here’ in search of a more lively atmosphere downtown. We were loosely recommended Utopia by the stoned owner, however he told us in reality, we shouldn’t bother heading out of Otres beach to Serendipity beach… I see why now.
We got a tuk tuk to Utopia and dorm rooms were 60p a night, or for a VIP dorm room that included thicker mattresses and air conditioning, you could pay £1.20. The mattresses are more like those gym mats you roll around on in primary school. You can imagine what this place is like at such a cheap price. The reception is littered with signs that say ‘no complaints’ or ‘stop whining’. We decided we wanted a private bathroom so were willing to pay slightly more in the end. We paid £2.40 each and checked in to what I can only describe as the most vile place I’ve ever stayed in my life. Times like this I’m grateful I bought a sleeping bag liner because the sheets were disgusting, littered with more cigarette burns than I could count. All the switches on the wall were falling off with wires exposed and mould grew in the corners of the ceiling. Yuck. Life of a budget backpacker hey!
We decided not to linger long in the room and went in search of food. Luckily just across from our hostel was ‘Ernies burgers’, with the friendliest Canadian guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He gave us free cookies because he felt the cheesy chips didn’t come out as he wanted. We went back there for dinner too. We then found a supermarket, bought some vodka, mixer and hair dye and spent the day dying my hair. I then finished the book I was reading and Olivia and I had great fun being total losers playing drinking games by ourselves. It was really strong vodka for £2.60 and we ended up feeling rather tipsy after a simple game of higher and lower and 2 drinks.
We went to join the party scene but it was pretty uneventful. We heard a horrible tale of how a guy a few years a go at this hostel jumped into the pool whilst it was under construction without water and died from brain damage. We stayed out for 2 hours before getting so bored and returning to our rooms in an adequately hazy slumber.

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