Saturday, 3 August 2013

Stung by a jellyfish!

This morning we got picked up at 9am for our trip snorkelling, the boat was very full, mainly with Chinese families but there were a few people our age hidden at the back who were French and didn’t really chat to us a lot. The first ‘island’ we arrived at was just a load of decking floating in the water, we grabbed our scuba gear and after a lot of confusion and a very unorganised mess, we headed to the water where everyone else was. I put my foot in the water two seconds to test the heat and a jelly fish wrapped itself around my foot! It stung like a bitch and tears came flooding to my eyes as I tried to comprehend what had just happened. It whipped up one foot and wrapped itself round the other. 
Afterwards this meant that I was too scared to go back into the water in fear of it happening again! Not a fun moment. So instead, we grabbed deck chairs and just sunbathed waiting to move on to the next island.
At the next ‘island’ there was a load of people fishing and that was about it, we got off to get a drink and went back to the boat for lunch… All of which I hated naturally. Soon after, the boat ‘entertainment’ began, and it was another surreal moment in the life of a backpacker. A Vietnamese man came running out dressed in a skirt and a coconut for a bra making rude gestures. Olivia joked that we should  get up on stage and be the Beatles…
She spoke too soon. In a matter of minutes they had us along with two other British guys Simon and Paul who we had been talking to for a while. We all danced crazily to yellow submarine and pretended as if we knew the words. Songs were played from different nations and those nationalities hauled up on stage to dance too. It was hilarious and we fell in love with Simon and Paul.
The floating bar then came out… so you just jumped from the top of the boat and then they gave you a floater and a drink that tasted disgusting… but you could order more in the middle of the sea haha. It was good fun. Turns out Simon is a 27 year old teacher who teaches RS to people our age. At times it made it kind of awkward knowing we were the same age as his students, but it made me realise that not all teachers are losers. I can imagine Hurley similarly doing such an activity haha. The water in this area felt funny too, it was like you had pins and needles all over your body, there were little things stinging you everywhere, may have been microscopic jellyfish. It was very uncomfortable.
We then arrived at the final island we had the chance to go into the aquarium, but it was expensive and looked pretty pathetic so we passed up the opportunity and got chips instead! When we got back to the hotel, I dragged Olivia to the ice cream shop from yesterday and oh my god. I’ve never felt so bloated in my whole life. I really shouldn’t ever eat that much. We decided to walk it off for a bit, but then we saw Simon and Paul in the distance so creepily stalked them to catch up and ended up showing them ‘Good morning Vietnam’ pizza place where we forced ourselves to share a pizza. I actually thought I was going to explode.
Afterwards we headed out to a bar with them that seemed to just be playing my itunes. It was fab. Simon, Paul and I were bonding over old school pop/rock type bands like P!atd, or Hadouken! or System of a Down etc. It made it so perfect that I didn’t want to leave. However, due to the early rise bus (6am), we left around 11pm, came back watched a film and slept.
On a side note, it's very common for Russians to visit Nha Trang and so all of the shops have their titles also written in Russian - it seemed very strange to do so.
Jellyfish stings. Pictures don’t show how bad it was!
Simon and Olivia.

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