Sunday, 4 August 2013

Welcome to Saigon.

We woke at 6am in order to get to the bus meeting point for 7am, but the staff were so unorganised and useless I don’t think we left till 8:30am. At one point they just dropped us in the middle of a random street after taking our ticket away! Eventually, 5 minutes late a bus pulled up to get us, let us on without a ticket. Some customers were going mental over this.
I ended up sleeping solidly till midday which killed a lot of time, then dozed in and out of sleep and did some reading. We eventually arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon to locals), at 7:30pm, very stressed out and in the pouring rain so entered the familiar food chain, subway, in order to get wifi before we set off on an adventure to find the hostel we had booked.
When we got to our hostel, (Saigon backpackers), they told us they were full at this venue but were taking us to ‘saigon backpackers 2’, shifty. We ended up at this place just round the corner called the ‘Lofi inn’, nothing like the pictures. But tired and stressed out, we said ok and went to our room in which the maid was lying on the bed playing on her phone. Ok… So we settled down and decided to walk to the market in the city, it was a relatively long walk and was a huge let down, I did buy a ring and a necklace though and discovered a pizza hut and burger king on the way. We got an ice cream from BK on the way home and realised how hectic HCMC could be.
At one point, on the party street road… I was about 2cm away from having my toes ridden over. It’s an exhilarating and scary experience crossing the road, it actually feels like an achievement when you’re still alive at the end of it! The amount of people trying to fit down one tiny road with so many stools on the street astounded me. It’s a really busy place, it reminded me of Hanoi and so I fell in love with it…

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