Wednesday, 7 August 2013

'Wish you were here'.

We boarded a bus at midnight and it was supposed to arrive at midday, however we didn’t get here till 6:30pm. By here, I mean Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The bus journey was actually the best I’ve been on so far, at least up to Phnom Penh anyway. It was a different type of sleeper bus, chairs were tilted up more which was annoying but two were next to each other so Olivia and I could just spoon to save space or sprawl out more. As soon as we boarded I took two valiums and slept up till midday other than the quick jump off for passport control that was a lot smoother than Vietnam! But yeah, had to change to a shitty sitting bus when in Phnom Penh so I just read my book and took a nap for the rest of the way. I’m reading ‘lost girls’ by Andrew Pyper, its ok, but I’ve already almost read it which is a shame.
Arriving here was the weirdest thing ever. I won’t lie, from first impressions, I hate Cambodia. However, that’s a very quick judgement bearing in mind I’ve been here a few hours. Food is really expensive, there is nothing remotely near where we’re staying and its chucking it down with rain.
The hotel bar we're sat in, 'Wish you were here', is pitch black playing reggae music with a thick layer of smoke laying heavy in the air clouding my lungs. You just fall back into giant soft chairs that eat you. A drowsy feeling sweeps over you but I know that when I return to the light I’ll be unable to sleep. The atmosphere of the place is very trippy, joints are sold for $3 down the road, but because of the rain, and the owners unwillingness to be seen as a drug dealer, he is giving joints away for free… Which would be great if I didn’t make me want to fall asleep even more!
The huts are really similar to the ones at Spicy Pai, in that they’re kind of open, so as a result of the rain, the frogs are going crazy. It’s beyond annoying. Oh well, off to bed now I guess!

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