Monday, 9 December 2013


We ended up getting out skiing at 11am with everyone there by the end of the day: Ev, Harry, Harry, Cammy, Matt, James, Katie, Ali & I. I didn’t really like skiing with everyone though as I felt really bad, they always had to stop to wait for me, especially on flat sections as Joe and I had to unclip ourselves from our boards to crawl along before being able to re-start.

Ev took us to this really great run earlier in the day, so as the day progressed, and I felt worse and worse about them having to wait, I ended up leaving them and going off on my own to carve at my favourite run. Joe and I ended up heading back to the hotel to make ourselves lunch on the cheap whilst the others got it on piste.
(Picture of Matt taken from my Balcony)
We all then met up at 4pm and went to après-ski at folie a duce, an amazing bar on piste with a great atmosphere. I managed to smack my head really hard when I pulled up to the bar on my board as I caught an edge, it was so painful. The bar itself was definitely a very surreal moment, dancing madly in the mountains with this band called the party makers playing. There were people dancing on all of the tables, fire breathers, female bar tenders dancing on the bar and champagne being sprayed everywhere, we all got soaked in it. It’s funny because there were so many middle-aged men there trying to re-live their memories of being a teenage clearly. There was this one topless very very drunk obese male dancing on the table having the time of his life, bless him haha.
I didn’t have enough to drink at this bar though as the prices were ridiculous. You could buy a €3,000 bottle of champagne. I only had 1 tiny winy cup of €4 beer. Another reason however for not drinking much was the difficulty of skiing back. The bar shuts at 5pm before it gets dark because they’ve placed it on a rather hard slope for drunken people. 
Eventually, we skiied back down and Matthew cooked me burgers in our kitchen whilst I had a nap due to the amount of agony I was in. My bottom hurt from falling over a lot and my hip too from where I smashed it. From hitting my head I also had a severe headache.
Of course, nevertheless, I was still up and alive for pre-drinks with everyone. Tonight’s theme was firefighters or astronauts, random as ever. As usual, lots of nos, and we ended up playing never have I ever till 11:30pm. It was the most successful game I’ve ever played haha, it actually worked and it was fun. 
Eventually we headed out to this bar called ‘down under’, it really fun, very cramped but entertaining. We had these disgusting vodka shots where you took a sachet of energy powder, left that in your mouth for 5 seconds before downing the shot. Matt ended up choking on his and spitting everywhere before having to wash it down with Joe’s Budwiser haha. After this, we went to club summit, again it was great, but very small, and it creeps me out that the toilets are unisex. I had a wonderful chat with Nathan, he got me jagerbombs and eventually I stumbled back alone for the 15 minute trek as I was dying for the toilet whilst the others were busy buying their drunk food.

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