Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dutch friends.

Due to my still injured body, I woke up at 9 by the others but then slept till 11:40 before going to shops to get baguette for lunch. After I had eaten, by chance I saw them off my balcony so ended up going for one quick run with them before they all stopped for lunch at this cheap stand. I bought myself a really nice photo frame and then came home as it was too frustrating having everyone wait, I’m too slow so I laid in the living room, on the floor on a mattress against the radiator wishing I had a movie to watch being too lazy to go out again. 

However, eventually I made it out again, went down to Folie a douce yet I didn’t drink there as it’s too hard to ski down from drunk, I left 10 minutes early and met the others back at the hotel where Matt then cooked me dinner and we began pre-drinks.
It was a very very very very messy night. I don’t remember anything when we got out. Tell a lie, I remember meeting some Dutch guys in a really good bar called Down Under and the only thing I remember was asking them to dickslap me because it’s the only dutch word I know! Haha. I spent most of the night with them and then I don’t remember anything. According to Matt, he just found me facedown lying in bed with just my underwear on passed out the wrong way round the bed, he tried moving me but I started a huge fight with him so he gave up and allowed me to sleep the wrong way round haha. I then later found out I did make it to club Malaysia despite not remembering a thing. The photos show I was there though!
My Dutch Friends
Club Malaysia and why my memory is so bad… 

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