Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last night out.

Today Matthew and I went out together because I was upset I hardly got to spend any time with him skiing as I didn’t want to hold the others up. We both weren’t in a rush to go out so didn’t hit the slopes till midday. When we met the others for lunch, it took us ages to get there it was a nightmare! Climbing uphill in boots carrying a snowboard is just awful. We took the rest of the day pretty easy, then met everyone at Folie a Duce where Matt got really drunk to celebrate the last apres-ski. 


(Video of Folie a Duce).
In the evening, as it was our last night out, we decided we had to go hard, which is why.. Again… I remember very little of what happened. I originally decided not to get very drunk at all as I didn’t feel in the mood, but Cammy was absolutely smashed and I can’t deal with people that drunk that the only solution was to get completely ruined too so I went and saw my friend who is quite a bit older, Ellie, along with her roommates and all got wasted then I met the others at ‘Down Under’ along with my new dutch friends again haha. We were going to go to club Summit but apparently I decided I didn’t want to go, so we went home.

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