Saturday, 7 December 2013

The journey.

Today has been a rough day preparing as I am very hungover from the Christmas Ball last night. However, today is the day that I leave to visit Val Thorens till the 14th to go snowboarding with Warwick University Snow club. I’m super excited because other than Ben Nevis for a day in Scotland, I’ve never been snowboarding on a real mountain. For most, this is hard to believe bearing in mind I actually lived in Canada for a year where I snowboarded occasionally and even have my own snowboard, but I just snowboarded at Cobble Hills which was a golf resort in the summer so wasn’t huge.

It’s taken me forever to pack and I don’t understand how! It took me about 30 minutes to pack for a trip that lasted 9 weeks in Asia, but it’s taken me like 2-3 hours to pack for this one. Mainly because I can’t fit everything in, but I guess that’s where having a male best friend comes in handy! He is taking some of my stuff for me which is great as it means I can bring a hair dryer and, more importantly my vodka!
I also cannot decide what camera to take! Therefore… I’ve settled on taking all of them. I now have 2 DSLRS, (Sony A200 & Canon 600D) and my compact digital camera (Samsung WB150F). I figured my canon is too new to take on the slopes I don’t want to risk damaging it, but my Samsung doesn’t take photos quickly enough, it’s usually my clubbing camera, therefore I need my sony to take quick shots that isn’t going to really upset me if I damage it. Also, I want the Canon for nice scenery shots, and I brought another lens for my Canon. Seriously… How did I pack for Asia?!?
Anyway, leaving at 5:30 for the dreaded trip of doom that will take 23 hours! I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
We’re currently sat in the services at Dover waiting for the 12:50pm ferry with a costa white hot chocolate Matthew just bought for me. It’s a pain because we’ve done so much waiting, we waited at a service station for an hour whilst changing drivers, we could have left so much later, definitely like 8pm but I guess better safe than sorry! I slept for an hour and a half whilst they were watching fast and furious. Not too bad thus far.
(Jasmine enjoying her costa)
**Midday Saturday**
We left the ferry at 2am (3am French Time), and managed to get through customs without so much as a passport, and sailed on by. I took two of my beloved valiums and slept till just now where we stopped for some over-priced breakfast at a service stop. My back is in agony from being curled over, but some things never change! It hasn’t been half as bad as I thought it would be, but after Asia bus journeys, what could be?!
(Our bored/ tired/ fed-up faces on the ferry at stupid-o-clock).
I think Valiums starting to replace Matt as my best friend, I slept for another few hours and now the scenery around me is about to build up, lots of mountains yet a worryingly lack of snow! Nowhere near as beautiful as the journey to Pai, but I know it will improve. 2 more hours till the supermarket stop then 1 hour to the resort :).
(Matthew is excited about this!)
**update 8pm**
At the supermarket ended up stocking up on some basics, cheese, baguettes, ham and mixer. It’s crazy how expensive ham is here, but it’s so tasty I forgive it!
Upon entering our hotel, ‘Pierre & Vacances Residence Les Temples du Soleil’, it was so much nicer than I expected. I thought there would be just bunk beds but much to my surprise Matt and I even got our own room, there’s a kitchen (but no oven). It did have hobs, a dishwasher (strange they decided on that over an over), and lots of crockery. The others, however, have to sleep on pull out sofas. We also have a wonderful balcony looking over the mountains and the slopes with a minute walk to the slopes from our room.
We all ventured to another friends room (Ali, Ev, Harry, Harry & Cammy) to pre-drink before the nights antics began. It was pretty tame this evening if I’m honest, there was a lot of laughing gas going around, but I never do it because it just strikes me as so dangerous. Matthew annoyed me by doing it because he refuses to do any type of drug ever. Around 10:30pm we then headed to burger bar in the hotel. Quite frankly, the bar was pretty poop so I went to find mid drinks with the exec but ended up being pushed over and then shoved into a room by one of them who refused to let me out. This put me in a bad mood and I ended up going to bed. Not a great start to the holiday, but things will get better, I know so! 

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