Saturday, 14 December 2013

Journey Home.

I only went down one run today as it was red one at the very peak of the highest mountain near us and my knees were ridiculously painful but then we all went for lunch after at the usual place before I went back and cleaned the whole apartment in order to try and get our money back on our deposit. It took me forever as the place was an absolute tip and nobody else was really prepared to try gaining the deposit back. 

After some more cleaning, cooking, and cleaning, we got the coach back at 7:30pm. Matthew and I were just finding more about one another on the coach home, it was really interesting and funny listening to things from his childhood. We eventually boarded the ferry at 8am (after missing the earlier ferry), got a beer and breakfast then got back to Warwick at 2pm. Trip over!
… Or so it would be had Ali, Katie, Matt, Joe and I not decided to carry on tour antics in the evening. They moved all of Kirsty and Aiste’s stuff into the kitchen and the kitchen into their room and then just played a drinking board game, got wasted and ordered dominos, it was a good laugh. Matt needs to lose an eyebrow for claiming Joe wouldn’t order dominos! Stupid claim… Haha.

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