Friday, 17 January 2014

A new year with new prospects on the horizon.

The last few days I’ve spent randomly learning some basic Vietnamese phrases in my lectures whilst bored - I would really love to be able to at least say ‘hello, thank-you, please and number 1-10’ in all the countries that I visit. I know it’s a long shot, but it’ll be fun trying! 
On another note, I am over the moon as I recently found out I was lucky enough to get a great travel job that I applied for with the company I booked my flights to Asia with and the bus that we used for part of our journey (StrayAsia). 
I am a student travel ambassador and I’m thrilled to be so because now I get paid to talk and advertise travel, a thing I talk so much about anyway!
I go to London at the end of January for the training day. It will be nice to meet fellow enthusiasts too. Who knows, maybe I’ll even meet a lovely boy to keep me safe for a trip to India one year! 
I really hope it gets my foot in the door for a future career with STA too. After finishing my degree, before starting a Law Conversion, I would love to work with STA as a travel guide around some of the countries they offer tours on e.g. India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam etc etc.
I have also gotten past the two application stages for Eurocamp and I have been invited to an interview. However, as much I would love to take this job, I am slightly hesitant for three reasons. 

  1. The job runs from 10th July 2014 to 20th September 2014 which gives me a short time to do my inter-railing. Originally I wasn’t planning on going inter-railing until the 1st of July, but now I would have to leave straight after my exam has finished and miss out on the fun last few weeks of university!
  1. The job only allows one and a half days off a week, that’s not enough time to explore the country I am placed in!
  1. The job interview is in Cheshire, that’s by Manchester! It’s going to cost me £25 to get there and back for a job I may not even get. They do not offer anything towards travel and do not accept skype interviews. 

I am therefore looking to apply elsewhere - If anybody knows of any jobs available anywhere in Europe, please e-mail me at
Furthermore, don’t forget to check out my solo plans for summer 2014 right here:

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