Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Latest update

I have been offered a job working in a hostel in Rotterdam for the summer, however, after contemplating the amount of things to do there I have decided to seek work in another city.

I have e-mailed many other hostels in Paris and Rome, I am really hoping for Rome as it's my favourite western city that I've visited (Hanoi being my favourite non-western city). There is just endless things to do in Rome, I feel like even if I spent 3 months there, I still wouldn't get to see everything! I have only heard back from one of them, who said they would consider it. I need to e-mail more hostels and convince more of them that I'm up for the job. I would have difficulties funding myself the entire time given I'd likely only receive accommodation in return, but I will just dip into my overdraft if need be. I just need to get away for the summer, meet new people constantly and just explore a new country.

**Update 15th February 2014**

I received an e-mail back last night from a hostel in Paris offering an actual job, however the problem with the place that instead of one building, it's a set of apartments meaning I wouldn't get to meet people like I desired. Also, the lady who runs it seems very odd. She told me that unless I was prepared to be really rude to customers if they were to be rude to me, then I need not bother pursing with the application because it's French customs and if I don't like it, I shouldn't bother. Strange women. She also told me though that if I like bull fighting not to bother as she is against it... A lot of the reviews online are of how negative the staff are, and so I'm not sure this is the place for me.

Sigh. More applications await!

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