Saturday, 5 April 2014

Day 2 of Brussels, Belgium.

This morning there was a mass protest at the end of my street against austerity measures, people were going crazy and, in the end, water cannons and pepper spray had to be used to disperse the crowds; it was so hectic.

I decided to take a stroll by myself this afternoon... and my God, what a disaster that turned out to be. It started off well, I saw many beautiful sites, there appears to be a beautiful church on almost every corner! The problem though is the environment, nobody is very friendly and quite honestly, when I was very lost, I really thought I was going to be attacked! I couldn't find myself on a map at all, and I turned out to be in an area by the river to the north-west of the city. It was definitely the unsafest I've ever felt on my travels. It was very shady and it was full of men who wouldn't stop staring at me, I was definitely the only tourist and I understood why. I just wanted to get out of there ASAP. Eventually, I found my way back to the hostel and just collapsed into the chair relieved I was home safely! Remind me to get better at map reading.


In the evening I was thinking of going to see the Atomium and Mini-Europe with Josh and Caesar however after seeing that it cost €24 entry... I decided against that! Especially given my tiny budget. 

I met the two most amazing girls today too, I'm so excited. One of them is called Hayley from Australia and the other is called Mckenzie from Canada but being a nanny in Germany, she is 18 years old, it was lovely to have someone my age, most people were around 23.

I really wanted a baguette and had been craving one all day, so Hayley and I went and got some supplies from the shop, again, very expensive, and made our own ham and cheese baguettes in the kitchen provided.

Unfortunately, Hayley was knackered so couldn't come out, but Mckenzie and I went and got a few bottles of vodka from the off-license and got really pretty drunk on the floor in our bedroom of the hostel. Caesar joined in too, it was a great laugh. Played ring of fire and a few of the other classic drinking games. Afterwards, we decided to stroll to the bar Delirium, it has around 4000 beers, and nearly 300 pages on the menu! The bar was great, but it was so busy and rather expensive at around €8 a beer. Unfortunately, I don't like beer enough to pay those sort of prices.

Mckenzie and I had the funniest night just getting trashed and wandering all around Brussels, going on random mini-adventures. I actually just fell in love with her haha, we had such a great time, I forgot basically all that happened but in the morning she kindly reminded me of our antics. I ended up meeting a brain surgeon who helped us find our way back to the hostel as we went in the wrong direction, and he decided because he didn't buy us drinks, the least he could do is buy our drunken food as I was craving cheesy chips - sure enough he did, bless him. I don't remember him at all but apparently, he was really sweet haha.


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