Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 2 of Cologne, Germany.

I didn't wake up until midday then decided to go for a wander. I had seen most of the things I wanted to do, so I thought I'd go find a nice spot in the park and stroll through the shops first and find a good bratwurst.

That's exactly what I did. By foot I looked around a few of the shops, and then found finally a wonderful bratwurst and chips and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and heat. I then went and sat by the riverside on a beautiful park, watched the children play around in the water park, listened to a live band playing in front of a fountain and then sat down to read 'Looking for Alaksa' by John Green.

Whilst reading, I was approached by a group of three males who didn't speak English, French or German, but they kept trying to chat me up, it was frustrating because it made me feel uncomfortable and as if I couldn't sit there and read my book without being stared at the whole time. They tried convincing me to smoke weed with them, but I politely declined and ended up walking off at this point to try and find my hostel. It took me forever, but eventually I made it back.

After resting in bed for a while, I met up with a boy that I met last night for a quick meal, another bratwurst of course! We just chatted for a while, it was nice to see it from somebody who lives here point of view. He is still an exchange student, but has been here for many months.

I met a lovely american couple in my hostel, and we listened to a load of country music, it was perfect. Another guy, I can't remember where he was from, but he's working in Germany, was also in our room and lovely. We all sat downstairs whilst they were waiting for the washing to finish and whilst I drank my vodka. Eventually we went to the shot bar I had visited last night, the guys made us do a disgusting shot that had hot sauce in it, I wanted to vomit after, but the men behind the bar gave us suckers to make our mouths taste better haha. We completely lost track of time and I don't really remember what happened! We just went to another bar down the road and continued to all get very wrecked! I have no idea what time we got home!

Going home seems like a horrible prospect! Can't I just live life on the road? Everybody is so much friendlier. I can approach anyone and become best friends. Good thing I'm great at small talk.

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