Sunday, 6 April 2014

Final day in Brussels: Walking Tour & the Sights.

Due to our hangovers, we didn't roll out of bed until 10:30am, it would have been much later if I had things my way, however, I had to check out of the hotel by 11am. At midday Hayley, Mckenzie and I walked to pizza hut and they had a great student deal on so we sat by the street just eating our pizza and watch all the business people in Brussels go about their daily work. 

We then went back to the hostel to chill for a bit and wait for the walking tour to start around 2pm. It is definitely worth going on, it was free (though a donation is advised), and the guy that ran it was wonderful and full of fun and interesting facts. We started off at the Grand Place/ Town Hall and learnt about how it used to be a marketplace.

From here, I went to see the Manneken Pis in all its glory. Rumour has it that it was erected after people attempted to blow up a part of Brussels using dynamite, however, this little boy peed on the fuse, thus saving the day and so they placed the statue in his honour haha.  Nearby is the Tin Tin Mural, I didn't bother going to the Comic Book Strip Centre, but I did see a lot of the murals around the town. It turns out that tin tin was invented there and the guy that designed it, Georges Remi, was expelled from Belgium after being associated with the Nazi's. Also a little fun fact, Karl Marx actually wrote/ published the Communist Manifesto here. Also, I learnt was that 'French fries' were actually invented in Belgium. How could this countries food get any better? Belgium waffles and fries! Woohoooo.

From here we went via 'Les Galeries Saint Hubert', a quaint area now turned into a shopping centre for the very rich with lots of yummy chocolate and expensive restaurant. Afterwards, we visited St Michael & St Gudula Cathedral, it was pretty, but nowhere near as nice as the one in Cologne. We went to the Royal Palace and he explained the layout of the gardens resembled the Freemasonry compass due to the large freemasonry presence in the royal family. 

It appears Belgium had a very rocky relationship with Congo too. Our tour guide claimed that 50% of people were executed by Belgium, however, I feel this might be an exaggeration. True though that their crimes were awful. 

Overall, I'd give the tour a 10 out of 10! The guy was wonderful and was full of interesting knowledge. We then wandered to the Grand Place to get our waffle we'd been craving before sitting in the sunshine and watching the weirdest man ever dance. We can't tell if he was spiritually enlightened or very very high on drugs haha, it was funny nonetheless. 

After wandering back to the hostel, we waited a few hours before joining with another group and going to find food. We settled on a kebab shop and then Mckenzie, Hayley and I went off to go find a pub which was 1 euro for a half-pint. The pint was pretty vile, but the place had live music and a nice atmosphere so I stayed there until I had to walk to the bus station to get the Megabus back to the UK. 

It was a shame that I never got to make it to the Palace d'Justice, but the problem was it was too far out and after getting lost yesterday, I didn't really fancy my chances given I was enjoying sitting with friends anyway.

Brussels was good to me in terms of people I met, but the place was so very expensive and the people themselves were very rude and always in a rush. I wouldn't go back there again anytime soon, but it was nice for a one-off break.


Grand Place

Tin Tin Mural

Manneken Pis - Peeing boy.

Brussels Cathedral 

Royal Palace

My Belgium Waffel

Spiritual guy

Mckenzie and I with our beers.


  1. i like reading your blog.i find no pics of ur recent journey.

    1. Thank-you :). I'm glad someone reads it! All the photos are now up :).