Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Brussels and Cologne: Easter 2014 route and budget

Overall for a trip from London to these places and back I spent: £270.

Breakdown of Costs:

Travel Expenses: £78.50
  • Return train tickets from Colchester to London with a Student Travel Card - £17.50
  • Single megabus ticket from London to Cologne - £33.00 as I booked last minute.
  • Single megabus ticket from Cologne to Brussels - £10.00
  • Single megabus ticket from Brussels to London - £18.00
Accommodation Expenses for 4 nights: £64.26
  • Meinnger Cologne City Centre - £10.80 x 2 nights = £21.60
    • The hostel itself was good enough for the price, the staff were very friendly and the area was ok, however it is not a great place for a solo-backpacker during off-peak season. There were few people around. Most people I met were just staying there in hope of finding a permanent accommodation soon as they had just got jobs in Cologne. 
  • 2GO4 hostel in Brussels - £21.33 x 2 nights = £42.66
    • The directions given by the hostel were absolutely awful and made the place very difficult to find, I would have been lost for ages had it not have been for my iphone and having to use credit to use the internet. Some of the hostel staff were not very friendly, and the place was undergoing changes at the time so there was lots of paint everywhere and you weren't allowed into certain areas. However, the social side was great, it had a nice lounge area making it easy to meet people if you're a solo traveller. Also, the bedroom itself, despite how white and plain it was, had the most comfortable beds ever and was felt like a little piece of heaven. There was no bathroom in the room, you had to go to a different room for that, along with the showers. Overall, I was very disappointed for the money that I had paid. Yes it was a central location, but as far as hostels go, I could instead have found a nice hotel room for this price. 
Spending money: £125 = €150

Brussels is a very very expensive place!

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