Thursday, 3 April 2014

Welcome to Brussels, Belgium: Day 1.

I was supposed to leave Cologne at 11:15am, but instead the bus was delayed and we didn't leave till 1pm! It was awful, and there was no wifi. So I should have arrived at 2:15pm, but didn't get there until 4pm and then they instructions they gave me on Hostelbookers to find the hostel, were totally awful. I was so stressed out as none of the metro & street names were completely wrong. I ended up having to use my iPhone to direct me there, thank god for technology!

I checked at 2GO4 Quality Hostel, and paid the expensive €22 a night fee along with €2 towel rental and €10 deposit for the sheets. I couldn't decide between a much needed shower, food, or a nap. I decided to just collapse in bed for a while and curl up in the sheets before eventually deciding on food first! I went round the corner to the McDonalds and was totally outraged at the price of Brussels! €7.50 for a double cheeseburger, chips and drink. They charge €0.75 for ketchup too... What. How can even McDonalds be expensive.

I met a really nice guy at my hostel in my bedroom called Josh from NZ, a man in the airforce, woot woot, but he's working at Stansted airport at the moment in the UK. We decided to have a quiet night and just head for a walk to a nearby pub with another guy, he was Mexican, named Caesar. It was a slight problem as he didn't speak much English, but Josh bought us all drinks so we still all had a nice time before heading back and hitting the hay at 1am.

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